LBO-522 Oscilloscope

Leader - LBO-522

The LBO-522 Oscilloscopes are portable ones with the functions of 5mV/div (20/35 MHz), 500 microVolt/div (5MHz), maximum sweep ratio [40(20)] ns/div. (MAG x 5[10]), equipped with a 6-inch rectangular (metal-black) CRT with high brightness, internal graticule and the vertical sensitivity magnifier. The LBO-522,523 have a wide range of application in production and service areas for measurements and testings of TV set, VTRs and computer peripheral equipments, since the TV synchronization separator, variable hold off and V-axis magnifier functions are provided.

Bandwidth: 20 MHz

Analog Channels: 2

Operating System: Embedded

Form Factor: Benchtop

User Manual
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