LS 1020 Oscilloscope

Leader - LS 1020

The Model LS 1020 Dual-Trace Portable Oscilloscope with 6-inch rectangular, internal graticule CRT features a bandwidth of DC to 20 MHz , maximum deflection factor of 0.5mV/div (5MHz), and a maximum sweep speed of 50 ns/div. Various functions (e.g. , TV sync separator, variable hold-off, X-Y display mode) allow this oscilloscope for educational use as well as production line and service applications of TVs, VTRs, and audio products. This oscilloscope allows TV video signal observation. Stable display can be obtained by selecting the vertical or horizontal sync signal of the video signal regardless of the TIME/DIV switch setting. The variable hold-off time (from the sweep end to sweep start) can display complex waveform stably.

Bandwidth: 20 MHz

Analog Channels: 2

Operating System: Embedded

Form Factor: Benchtop

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