4078 Waveform Generator

BK Precision - 4075/78

Models 4075 and 4078 are versatile high performance functiorbitrary waveform generators with the largest arbitrary memory depth in their class. The generators combine the ability to produce nearly any conceivable arbitrary waveform with accuracy and precision and a DDS architecture offering easy to use conventional function generator capabilities. Arbitrary waveforms have 14 bit amplitude resolution, 100MSa/s sample rate and up to 400,000 points length. Waveforms can be output in continuous, triggered, gated or burst modes. Front panel operation is straightforward and user-friendly. The instruments can be remotely controlled using SCPI-compliant commands via RS232.

  • Frequency: 1 µHz to 25 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Form Factor: Benchtop