GX320 Waveform Generator

AEMC - GX320

AEMC GX320 GX 320 2138.02 Waveform Function Generator Power Supply The AEMC 2138.02 GX320 Function Generator is perfect for R & D Engineering, scientific research, and higher education. The GX320 Features (DDS) Direct Digital Synthesis which provides greater frequency stability and accuracy than traditional generators. The AEMC GX320 can generate precision, varied signals such as triangle, sine, waveforms, square and LOGIC, TTL outputs. It also features external and internal modulation (FM, AM) with logarithmic and linear sweep functions. In addition, the Shift-K function enables frequency or phase skips.

  • Frequency: 1,000 µHz to 20 MHz
  • Channels: 1
  • Form Factor: Benchtop