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The Importance of Fans for Indoor Air Filtration Systems

April 08, 2021 by Sager Electronics

How much do you know about IAQ (indoor air quality) and filtration system options for purifying air?

Recent wildfires near major metropolitan areas across the world and the persistence of a global pandemic that began in 2020 have thrust outdoor pollution, indoor air contamination, and air quality into the forefront of public consciousness. While most people are cognizant of the dangers of outdoor pollution, many may not realize that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air.


Image from ebm-papst via Sager


This is not a trivial issue; indoor air contamination can have very serious repercussions for health, including illness, allergies, respiratory issues, and skin irritations. Proper air movement and air purification systems are critical for improving indoor air quality.


Contributing Factors to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is directly affected by ventilation that brings in outside air with its own quality issues. A lack of sufficient air movement heavily contributes to indoor air quality issues.

Air movement is critical to IAQ for several reasons, starting with the fact that it improves air circulation. As effective air circulation takes place, it prevents stale air from forming in enclosed spaces, prevents the build-up of mold spores and particles, and dissipates problematic odors as well as dangerous fumes. In short, modern air purification systems are predicated on robust, reliable air movement for effective performance.


Modern Tools for Indoor Air Filtration

There are a variety of modern tools for improving IAQ. Air purifiers depend on different types of technology to achieve cleaning and purification. Filters (HEPA or carbon) are quite effective at removing particulate matter from the air, UVC light systems destroy germs and viruses in the air, and catalytic oxidation technology removes pollutants via chemical reactions. There are also smart cloud-based platforms for automatic monitoring and controlling indoor air quality. 


An example air filter equipped with an ebm-papst fan. Image from Sager


One element that all of the air purification tools above have in common is the need for direct contact with the air. Air must be moved through air purification systems to filter and purify the air, as well as obtain accurate measurements of air quality for automated systems. Air movement is critical to the performance and effectiveness of any air filtration system.


ebm-papst for Air Movement Needs

While fans are critical to the functionality of IAQ systems, not just any fan will work. For example, filters are always going to be restrictive and reduce airflow. Because of this, air purifiers with filter systems require the right kind of fan to overcome the resulting pressure drop.

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