William Smith, Director - Product Management, Board Mount Power William (Bill) Smith serves as Director of Product Marketing, Board Mount Power at Murata Power Solutions. With more than 20 years of power industry experience, Bill has extensive knowledge in a broad range of disciplines including, Process Engineering, Project Management, Test & Qualification, Field Applications Engineering, Marketing Management and Product Management. Bill earned his Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology (BSET) in 1991 from Roger Williams University.

Board Mounted Power Module, Parallel Operation Basic Design Requirements

In partnership with All About Circuits

This webinar is designed to guide a power systems engineer in the basic requirements for parallel operation of a board-mounted power module.

Murata Power Solutions’ DSQ and DSE product series will be introduced and used as examples throughout the presentation. Topics covered will include system reliability, N+1 reliability, how to choose the correct module/modules for your application, layout guidelines, power planes, signal traces & routing, ground planes, thermal management, noise filtering, and start-up considerations & testing.

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