Martin Stumpf Martin Stumpf is Segment Manager for High-Speed Digital Test at Rohde & Schwarz. He joined Rohde & Schwarz in 1990 as R&D engineer and has worked in research & development, project management, product management, regional support and business development. Martin holds an EE degree from Technical University of Munich.
Mathias Hellwig Dr. Mathias Hellwig develops, verifies and supports test and measurement solutions for time-domain applications at Rohde & Schwarz. His focus is on testing digital designs. He achieved deep technical expertise in theory and practice when finishing his PhD in ADC design at the Ruhr-University Bochum and while working on system architectures in various roles before joining Rohde & Schwarz in 2012.

Deembedding Test Fixtures for High-Speed Digital Applications

In partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

Webinar Overview 

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on digital design and test. Particularly we will be discussing the impact of test fixture deembedding on digital interface testing.

After a quick introduction to the principles of test fixture modelling and deembedding we will be starting with a deeper dive into deembedding models and measurements with vector network analyzers according to IEEE370 requirements and recommendations. Once we will have built the deembedding models by reference to USB 3.2 test fixtures we will be switching to the interface testing through oscilloscope measurements. While watching eye pattern and advanced jitter analysis you will be learning how important text fixture deembedding is for accurate digital interface testing.

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