Dr. Ernst Flemming Dr. Ernst Flemming is Director of Oscilloscope Product Management at Rohde & Schwarz in Munich. He studied Physics at the University of Tuebingen, Kaiserslautern and Hamilton, Ont in Canada. He currently looks into T&M requirements stimulated by the development of autonomous driving.
Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos is Managing the E/E & Infotainment subdivisions at Rohde & Schwarz with a focus on next generation In-vehicle networks. Nik is an active member of the OPEN Alliance group focusing on 1000BASE-T1 and MultiGig Ethernet activities as well as the TG17 work group of ETSI focusing on radio broadcast standards.

Domain Controllers and High Performance CPUs for Automotive

In partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

Developments in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are creating a new approach to in-vehicle network (IVN) architecture design. Domain (or zonal controller) architecture will simplify network design, maximize performance, and replace a number of common ECUs as well as providing capabilities for high-speed communications, sensor fusion, and decision-making in general.

These controllers must be reliable, robust, able to handle massive amounts of data quickly, and communicate with various other components (sensors, actuators, ECUs, gateways) using different communication protocols within the same unit (automotive Ethernet, CAN-FD, SERDES etc.)

With this webinar, engineers working on domain controllers at chip suppliers / tiers or OEMs learn how to verify the signal integrity on high-speed digital interfaces (e.g., PCIe, SERDES and automotive ethernet) and traditional communications (e.g., CAN-FD, LIN and MIPI) and get insights into measuring EMI of the CPU while developing as well as testing the performance of the CPU (such as switchover and boot timing).

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