Misha Govshteyn MacroFab CEO Since 2018, Misha Govshteyn has been at the forefront of MacroFab as its CEO, driving innovations that are shaping the future of the $480 billion electronics manufacturing industry. By combining its technology manufacturing platform, expansive factory network, and delighting customers, MacroFab sets new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. Prior to his role at MacroFab, Misha co-founded Alert Logic, a cybersecurity SaaS company, where he significantly contributed to the development of cloud security for platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
Brenden Duncombe Director of Customer Engineering Brenden Duncombe plays a crucial role at MacroFab as the Director of Customer Engineering. With his extensive background in Electrical and Systems Engineering, he has effectively led diverse, cross-functional engineering teams through the entire lifecycle, from initial prototyping to full-scale manufacturing. His expertise spans a wide array of innovative projects, including smart cooking appliances, electric tractors, and 3D-printed supercars. At MacroFab, Brenden's technical and leadership skills drive excellence in engineering, contributing to the company's superior manufacturing capabilities.

Enhancing Operational Safety: Cyber-Resilient Approaches for Physically Secure PCB Designs

In partnership with MacroFab


Join Misha Govshteyn, CEO of MacroFab and a seasoned expert in cybersecurity, in our engaging webinar, "Enhancing Operational Safety: Cyber-Resilient Approaches for Physically Secure PCB Designs." Misha, with his rich background as co-founder of Alert Logic, a leading SaaS cybersecurity company, brings invaluable insights into the intersection of cybersecurity and PCBA manufacturing. Alongside him is Brenden Duncombe, Director of Customer Engineering at MacroFab. Brenden's extensive experience in Electrical and Systems Engineering, and his leadership in steering engineering teams from concept to manufacturing, make him an essential voice in this discussion.

This essential webinar for electronics professionals combines an overview of electronic design and production with a focus on enhancing security. Participants will learn about typical vulnerabilities in electronic hardware and discover advanced design and production strategies prioritizing security, including material and layout considerations. The session also explores physical security measures like tamper-proof designs, methods for validating security effectiveness, and adapting to evolving cyber threats, all while emphasizing the importance of compliance with industry standards.

Concluding with a Q&A session, this webinar offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with industry leaders. Don't miss this chance to enhance your skills in creating cyber-resilient and physically secure PCB hardware.

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