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The multimedia chipset market is quickly growing, driven by an increasing demand for portable consumer electronics, reliable surveillance systems for homes and public spaces, and an overwhelming recent spike in remote working. Designers in this market aim to design chipsets that deliver ultra-high video resolution and audio quality with faster data transmission, while offering cost savings to their end customers in a continually shrinking product life cycle.

Of critical importance in this design space is access to advanced testing systems that fit into the life cycle of the product without sacrificing specifications. Chroma ATE provides a complete collection of semiconductor testers that cater to various market segments, including a 3300 PXIe platform, a 3380 MCU test system and a 3650 analog test system.

In this webinar, Chroma discusses how their 3680 Advanced SoC Test System provides reliable, timely solutions for designers needing robust multimedia chipset design testing options. Chroma provides a host of boards for radiofrequency and mixed-signal testing, allowing users to adapt to the constantly changing landscape of multimedia chipset design.


What you will learn:

  • • Have a comprehensive overview of multimedia-oriented ecosystem
  • • Learn the key components in recent multimedia devices
  • • Understand the challenges and directions for testing multimedia chipsets


Who should attend:

  • • Developers evaluating advanced test solutions for multimedia chipsets
  • • Test engineers that aim to gain greater knowledge on how to create test strategies
  • • Marketing experts looking for an open exchange of ideas




Ms. Weiwen Wang, Product Manager at Chroma ATE Inc. Semiconductor Test Equipment BU

Weiwen is currently the product marketing manager in Chroma ATE's semiconductor test business unit, responsible for automated test equipment and PXIe test platform. With deep interest in product marketing specialized in user experience, she conducts user research through digital storytelling with great communication and writing skills. Weiwen is inspired by ecosystems in different industries, ranging from consumer electronics, telecom data communications, automated testing and creative industries, she even completed a thesis based on the idea of bridging elderly society to film industries.


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