Speaker : TTS; Ben Smith, PRINCIPAL MTS, APPLICATIONS In a career spanning more than four decades, Ben has worked in a variety of organizations and markets with one common thread: applying emerging microcontroller technologies to everyday problems. In 2003, Ben came to Maxim as a firmware developer. Over the ensuing years, Ben has held several positions within Maxim, all centered in microcontroller applications engineering. Today, Ben applies his skills in the Training and Technical Services group, helping engineers around the world get the most out of Maxim’s technology.

Frequency Synthesis Construction: From Simple Oscillator up to Frac-N PLL

In partnership with Maxim

As for many applications where a regular timed signal or sequencing is required for correct operations, most of the electronic equipment needs a clock.  Their characteristics such as frequency ranges, precision, stability, controllability and robustness influence the structure to be taken.

In this short tutorial, learn different ways to generate frequency from its very simple form such as a VCO, RC oscillator and Xtal, up to the complex Frac-N synthesizer.

This webinar from Maxim will demystify why and how a PLL, VCO bandwidth interacts with frequency division in the prescaler, and how fractional multiplication can be implemented.

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