Bernd Kohler, Product Marketing Manager Bernd Kohler has a background in physics (M.Sc.) and completed an MBA before he joined Infineon’s Radar team in 2020. As product marketer & manager he is responsible for a wide range of Infineon’s 24 GHz radar sensors as well as the new 60 GHz smart motion sensor. Among others, Bernd is mainly driving all industrial radar applications including camera and security systems, lighting systems as well as smart home & smart building applications.

Infineon’s First Completely Autonomous Radar Sensor

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Radar is changing the world of sensing. With their small form factor and low power consumption, Infineon’s highly integrated XENSIVTM 60GHz radar sensor solutions bring innovative, intuitive sensing capabilities to many applications. 

The smallest XENSIVTM 60GHz radar sensor is a fully integrated microwave motion sensor including Antennas in Package (AIP) as well as built-in motion and direction of motion detectors. A state machine enables operation of the device without any external microcontroller. These features make the small-sized radar solution a compelling smart and cost-effective replacement for conventional PIR sensors in low power or battery-powered applications.

Do you want to add ‘smartness’ to your traditional motion-sensing applications like lighting-control, automated-door opening or security alarms? Infineon’s BGT60LTR11AIP may be the best choice to do so. This sensor can also be integrated into systems like laptops, tablets, TVs, speakers and many more to ‘wake’ them up based on motion or direction of motion detection. 

Join us in this webinar and learn more about this innovative radar sensor and its features. It has never been easier to integrate radar technology into your product. In the webinar you will explore target applications as well as a live demonstration where all features will be explained. 

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