Next Generation Recirculating Chillers for Temperature Critical Applications

In partnership with Laird


Compressor-based recirculating chillers with integrated temperature control offer an advanced thermal management solution to keep critical laboratory and manufacturing equipment at optimum temperatures for proper operation and performance. However, because of new industry restrictions on hazardous refrigerants central in traditional chiller technology, users now require a more environmentally friendly, efficient, and maintenance-free chiller solution.


Applications commonly affected by these design requirements are in the medical, analytical, industrial, R&D, university and some commercial marketplaces. These applications require precise and reliable cooling well below ambient temperature, dissipating heat away from thermally sensitive components and equipment.


In this webinar, Editor-in-Chief Kate Smith and Laird Thermal Systems’ Vice President Sales & Marketing Christoph Bauckhage, and Product Director Greg Ducharme will discuss these applications and how the new, easy-to-use eco-friendly Nextreme Series of Recirculating Chillers meets the end product performance demands including precise temperature control, increased usability and uptime in a future-proof design.


Applications include:

• Analytical test equipment

• Medical X-Ray Imaging equipment

• Electron microscopes

• Laboratory instrumentation

• Industrial lasers

• Industrial scanners

• Laser projection

• Particle accelerators

• Semiconductor fabrication equipment


People who should attend include:

• R&D management, thermal R&D engineers

• Design engineers, hardware engineers, mechanical engineers, engineering management

• Lab Technicians

• Purchasing/procurement professionals

• Research laboratory equipment buyers

• Universities



Christoph Bauckhage

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Laird Thermal Systems


Christoph Bauckhage is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Laird Thermal Systems. He has a diverse background in sales, research & development, project management and business development, with experience in building highly engineered components and turnkey thermal management systems for various markets. During the past 15 years, he has been successful in fueling growth and creating a global brand image for multiple companies. Christoph holds a master’s degree in Business Administration, Corporate Finance and Marketing from European Business School Oestrich-Winkel and a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University, VA, USA.



Greg Ducharme

Product Director, Liquid Cooling Systems, Laird Thermal Systems


Greg Ducharme is the product director for the liquid cooling systems product area at Laird Thermal Systems. Prior to joining LTS, Greg has been involved in sales, engineering and project management of thermal solutions for the medical, analytical and industrial market segments. In these roles he has gained valuable business, operations and technical experience in working with demanding global companies. For over 20 years he has been closely involved in delivering engineered and configured to order products for customer applications. Greg holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire and a Bachelor of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA.

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