Natalia Iriondo Colubi Natalia Iriondo Colubi is with TDK since 1995 and oversees as product marketing manager for power capacitors especially applications in the field of industry, renewable energy, and traction. With more than 25 years of work experience in the electronic components industry, Natalia has a profound understanding of customer applications to provide customers with appropriate solutions. Natalia received her Industrial Engineer degree from Universidad Pontificia Comillas-Madrid.

Standard Power Capacitors for DC Link Designed for Advanced Semiconductor Demands & Market Trends

In partnership with TDK Electronics

High power applications in the fields such as e-mobility, renewable energies, and industrial drives require reliable and scalable power modules with high power density and low stray. This leads to increasingly tougher requirements for converters and the required DC link capacitors.

Key factors here are high energy density under compact dimensions, control over fast switching operations, a large current capability, high admissible operating temperatures, mechanical compatibility with IGBT modules, and long service life. To fulfill all these demands and thanks to its long-standing expertise in the field of power capacitors, TDK has developed new materials and technologies to support customers with addressing these new challenging market requirements. 

In this webinar, we will address these market trends and provide you with insights on how TDK’s portfolio of power capacitors helps you to realize your converter design. 

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