Tom Neville Tom graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) and a BS degree from the United States Military Academy. As one of our power application experts, he primarily focused on measurement considerations for power application and can rely on a 12 years’ expertise in this field.

Half Bridge and Gate Drive Measurements and Techniques

In partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

Webinar Overview 

This webinar addresses design and application engineers who match simulation results to measured results, prove out specifications and improve the design, or/and save design time.

On modern designs, the benefits of the half bridge can only be realized when the half-bridge circuit, the gate drive circuit, and the layout, are all properly designed and optimized. In order to tune and optimize this circuit, it is critical to use proper measurement tools and techniques. We will be discussing measurement challenges, techniques, and common sources of measurement errors.

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