Dev Mandya, Senior Product Marketing Manager (North America session) Dev Mandya is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with the Microcontroller Business Development team at Renesas Electronics. He has more than 9 years of experience in Marketing and Applications/Systems Engineering roles spread across semiconductor and automotive industry. He has previously worked at Robert Bosch as an Automotive Software Engineer and at Cypress Semiconductor as Applications/Systems Engineer. Dev holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
Mickael Haudebourg, MCU Business Development Manager (EU session) Mickael Haudebourg is MCU Business Development Manager atRenesas Electronics Europe. He is responsible for the promotion concerning RA microcontroller hardware and solutions.Working in the semiconductors industry for more than 15 years through different roles, he has an understanding of the needs of market and customersthat enable him to establish and support solutions in many domains such as expertiseincapacitive touchsensing technologies.

Using Capacitive Touch to Quickly Develop Contactless and Simpler Industrial Designs

In partnership with Renesas Electronics

New products are taking many of their industrial design cues from smartphones. The expectation is that interfaces like vending and ATMs, elevator controls, and even the basic light or power switch work similar to how a smartphone operates with touch, swipe, and gesture-controlled inputs. Made of glass, metal, or plastic with smooth edges, these control panels are underpinned with the same capacitive touch technology. Capacitive touch allows the product developer more freedom to design a superior interface but maintain the ease of use and responsiveness of a physical button.

Renesas' class-leading capacitive touch IP provides flexibility to implement very modern, sophisticated, and intuitive control systems. These interfaces support both self and mutual capacitance, allowing for very complex input controls. The Renesas capacitive touch sensing engine can also be configured to sense movement through the electrical field. This sensing of movement allows for the development of 3D gesture controls, eliminating the need to contact or operate any buttons or interfaces. In a post-pandemic world, reducing contact with physical interfaces can reduce the overall transfer of bacteria and other germs through commonly used public devices.

The resultant usage of capacitive touch technology gives the ability to design either touch and touchless interfaces that are intuitive to use, have fewer moving parts, are easy to clean and maintain, and can operate in adverse and harsh conditions, all while providing a very modern look and feel.

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