Leo Chou, Americas Marketing Manager, Cloud Power Solutions Leo Chou is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Cloud Power Group at ON Semiconductor, and focuses on product development on multi-phase power regulator solutions aimed for high-power CPU and ASIC. In the past, he has held positions in field applications engineer and management to support system-level designs for customers. He obtained his BSEE from University of California – Davis, and MSEE from Stanford University.

Where is High-Density Computing at in 2020?

In partnership with onsemi


With increasing demand in both wireless and data networking applications in the last two decades, CPU and ASIC have been dramatically increasing their processing speed. This translates to higher power consumption to support the load demand. The increasing power demand poses an issue to the power density since more power components have to be used. In order to solve this issue, power supply designers have to focus on reducing total solution size by combining, for example, FET and driver together, and improving FET technology to deliver more power in the same silicon area.


ON Semiconductor power stages, which are designed specifically for these applications, incorporate the technologies needed to address these issues to deliver high-efficiency in small form factors, while providing the robustness and reliability that the industry desires for long-term usage.

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