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Amphenol RF Connectors for Low Loss Cables

Amphenol RF offers SMA, TNC, and N-Type connectors that have been redesigned and optimized for use with low loss cabling. They offer improved grounding, enhanced shielding, and low return loss from DC to 6GHz.

The connectors are available in straight jack, bulkhead jack, straight plug, and right-angle plug configurations, with options for 195, 240, and 400 series low loss cable.

All variants feature a quick and secure crimp termination using a standard hex crimping tool.

  • SMA, TNC, and N-Type connectors optimized for low loss cables
  • Frequency range: DC to 6GHz
  • Return loss: 1.2:1 max (SMA, N-Type), 1.3:1 max (TNC)
  • Straight or bulkhead jack, straight or right-angle plug
  • Available for Low Loss 195, 240, and 400 series cable
  • Quick and secure crimp via standard hex crimp tooling

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