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Riedon Shunts

Riedon shunts enable accurate current measurement in a wide range of applications, such as renewable energy, RVs, and marine power supplies. Riedon offers standard shunts with current ratings from 1A to 10,000A and standard 50mV or 100mV outputs. ±0.25% tolerance is standard and ±0.1% tolerance is available on request.

Riedon uses non-inductive manganin resistive elements for its excellent thermal stability and kelvin connections to minimize measurement error. Highest accuracy will be achieved at temperatures between 30°C and 60°C, but the shunts can be used at temperatures up to 125°C without damage. Designers can also use the shunts in pulsed applications with current exceeding the rated current with proper thermal considerations.

While Riedon offers a wide range of standard shunts that can meet the electrical and physical requirements of many applications, Riedon can also design and manufacture custom shunts to meet application-specific requirements, with custom products delivered for EVs, aerospace, and many other applications. To learn more, visit riedon.com.


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