ON Semiconductor Launches Power Modules for Solar Energy, Uninterruptible Power Supples

November 09, 2018 by Gary Elinoff

ON Semiconductor has launched two new Power Integrated Modules to be demoed at electronica 2018 alongside an Intelligent Power Module for EV charging.

ON Semiconductor has launched two new Power Integrated Modules to be demoed at electronica 2018 alongside an Intelligent Power Module for EV charging.

Aimed at applications such as solar power inverters, UPS inverter stages and industrial variable frequency drives, the NXH160T120L2Q1SG and NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG Power Integrated Modules (PIMs) from ON Semiconductor will be introduced at electronica 2018 on November 13th in Munich.

The devices are designed to relieve designers of the need to work with discrete IGBTs or MOSFETS. The goal is faster time-to-market, increased reliability, lower cost and significant savings in board real estate.

Both modules come in a module type in a growing series, currently with the Q0, Q1, and Q2 packages.


The Q0, Q1, and Q2PACK modules. Screenshot from ON Semiconductor


The NXH160T120L2Q1SG and NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG devices utilize the Q1PACK and Q2PACK respectively and are aimed at inverters in the 30 kW to 50 kW range.

They incorporate field stop trench IGBTs and fast recovery diodes, resulting in lower conduction and switching losses. Designers are enabled to trade off between low VCE(SAT) and low EON / EOFF losses as the situation demands. High current operation with minimal effects from parasitic inductance is made possible by the units’ direct bond copper substrate, enabling high switching speeds. Isolation is speced at 3000 VRMS, and creepage is a solid 12.7 mm.

Both devices incorporate split T-type neutral point clamped three-level inverters built from two half-bridge 160A/1200V IGBTs with inverse diodes and both include a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. Each device also includes a second set of two neutral point IGBTs.

The (Slight) Differences Are in the Details


1200V IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE(SAT) = 2.1V @ 160A
  • Switching Energy Loss (ESW) = 6.3mJ @ 100A

650V/100A IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE(SAT) = 1.65V @ 150A
  • Switching Energy Loss ESW = 3.8mJ @ 100A

The device also includes:

  • Two neutral point 100A/1200V rectifiers
  • Two half-bridge 100A/650V rectifiers

The NXH160T120L2Q1SG is also available as the NXH160T120L2Q1PG, with the difference being that the former utilizes solder pins and the latter employs press-fit pins.


NXH160T120L2Q1SG and NXH160T120L2Q1PG packages. Image (modified) from ON Semiconductor


See the NXH160T120L2Q1SG product overview for complete specifications.

The NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG

1200V IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE(SAT) = 2.15V
  • Switching Energy Loss (ESW) = 4.3mJ


600V/100A IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE(SAT) = 1.47V
  • Switching Energy Loss ESW = 2.56mJ


The device also includes:

  • Two neutral point 120A/1200V rectifiers
  • Two half-bridge 60A/600V rectifiers


Screenshot of the Q2PACK module (modified) from ON Semiconductor

See the NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG product overview for complete specifications.

Many Different Ways to Approach Power

While, in this instance, ON Semiconductor makes it unnecessary for designers to use discrete IGBTs, the company also sells such parts to designers who wish to “go it alone”. And, because there are many product classes that each has their unique set of power specifications and needs, no one power module can satisfy each need.

Thus, there is plenty of room for multiple providers to satisfy each niche on the “power ecology.” ON Semiconductor even provides such discretes to other power module makers, such as AC Propulsion to incorporate into their own devices, which are purposed to electric vehicles.

Indeed, ON Semiconductor addresses other areas of electrical power for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with its FAM65xxx series of Intelligent Power Modules.

Small Footprints, Light Weights for Electric Vehicle Charging

Onboard electric vehicle charging is another hot spot within the “power ecology”. Because of that, ON Semiconductor will also introduce the FAM65xxx series of Intelligent Power Modules at electronica.

One device outline covers H-Bridge, PFC and bridge rectifier configurations to address applications at each onboard charging and DC-DC stage. In addition to saving board space, members of this family will aim to add far less to the vehicle’s overall weight than individual discrete components might.


FAM65xxx. Image from ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor also says that their power modules for onboard charging can save 50% of board space when compared to discrete components.

EMI, always a critical concern in vehicles, is reduced due to an internal direct bonded copper structure that alleviates the need for insulation sheets often necessary when designing with discretes.

Members of the AM65xxx comply with the AECQ 101 and AQG324 automotive standards.



What power modules have caught your interest this year? What trends do you find interesting leading up to electronica 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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