InnoMux Chipset from Power Integrations Reaches 91% Efficiency

April 08, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

Single-stage architecture provides independently-regulated constant voltage and constant current outputs.

Single-stage architecture provides multiple independently-regulated constant voltage and constant current outputs.

The InnoMux chipset consists of an InnoMux controller IC partnered with an InnoSwitch3-MX isolated switcher IC. The InnoSwitch3-MX IC receives control information from the InnoMux IC, which independently measures the load requirements of each output and directs the InnoSwitch3-MX switcher to deliver the right amount of power to each of the outputs. In this manner, the integrated circuits in this chipset maintain accurate regulation of current or voltage, thereby eliminating load and cross-regulation and obviating the need for post-regulators.

Simplifying the Design Process

The chipset was designed with monitors and TVs in mind, simplifying power supply design by replacing the AC/DC and DC/DC converters with a single-stage flyback topology. This enables very high system efficiency up to 91%, on a small PCB footprint.

The high efficiency achieved eliminates the need for heavy, space-consuming heatsinks and also it also makes compliance with the ENERGY STAR 8 display specification and the upcoming California Energy Commission (CEC) standard far simpler.


The InnoMux controller IC and the InnoSwitch-MX isolated switcher IC. Modified image courtesy Power Integrations.


The InnoMux eliminates the time-consuming task of separately designing buck converters and boost converters with each new TV or monitor product. The BOM will be lower, board space is conserved, and the system's overall weight is reduced.

According to Edward Ong, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, “Developers can leverage InnoMux’s power conversion efficiency in two ways: they can develop highly efficient monitors and TVs to meet manufacturer targets and regional regulatory mandates, or they can downgrade the efficacy, and therefore the cost, of their display panel by using less expensive LEDs and simpler, cheaper, diffusers while still meeting upcoming ENERGY STAR 8.0 rules.”

The Controller IC

The Innomux controller IC comes in four versions:

  • IMX101J  1 CV, 1 LED string  in a QFN Package
  • IMX101U 1 CV, 1 LED string  in a HSOP Package
  • IMX111U 2 CV, 1 LED string  in a HSOP Package
  • IMX102U 1 CV, 4 LED strings in a HSOP Package


The InnoMux Controller IC. Image source: InnoMux Data Sheet


The Switcher IC

InnoSwitch3-MX isolated switcher IC comes in six versions, all 85 to 265 VAC, and all come in an InSOP-24D package:

IC Version   Breakdown
Voltage Rating
INN34x4C   650 / 725 V 18 W 23 W
INN34x5C   650 / 725 V 22W 28W
INN34x6C   650 / 725 V 28W 35W
INN3467C   650 V 35W 44W
INN3477C   725 V 32W 40 W
INN3468C   650 V 40W 50W


The Innoswitch3-MX. Image source: InnoSwitch3-MX Data Sheet


There are any number of integrated voltage and current regulation solutions on the market today. The InnoMux chips standout in that they supply constant-current and constant-voltage outputs simultaneously at voltage and current ranges that are appropriate for monitors and TVs.

Design Support

Two reference designs, DER-635 and DER-636, are available for engineers to help them to understand these new devices and to aid them in bringing their InnoMux-based designs to market faster.

  • DER-636 describes a 40 W power supply monitor power supply with one constant-voltage output and four constant-current outputs.
  • DER-635 is a 45 W supply that supports TV applications, providing 2 CV and 1 CC output.

How do you incorporate efficiency into your design process? What do you think of this solution from Power Integrations? Let us know in the comments.