Mouser Electronics and CML Microelectronics Negotiate A Global Distribution Agreement

February 04, 2020 by Luke James

Mouser Electronics has announced a global distribution agreement with CML Microcircuits, an England-based manufacturer of semiconductors.

Mouser Electronics, a prominent global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, has recently announced a global distribution agreement with CML Microcircuits, to promote the design, development, and supply of low-power analog and digital and mixed-signal semiconductors for telecoms systems.


CML Takes Its Products Global

Thanks to its focus on quickly introducing new products and technologies, Mouser’s customers, some 800 semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers, rely on Mouser to introduce their products to the global marketplace. Mouser also promotes the assurance that customers can rely on any products received being fully certified, genuine, and traceable back to the original manufacturer.

In a statement, CML Microcircuits said that “Mouser’s proven track record in rapid distribution of products into the global market place [sic] means that CML will now benefit from a fast, next-day delivery service. Getting CML’s products expedited to its customers is paramount and the partnership with Mouser will be key to achieving this goal.” 

Helen Rudden, CML Microsystems’ Group Sales, and Marketing Director specifically added, “Our customers want a fast and reliable delivery service of our products, Mouser Electronics can provide that. This is especially important at the product sampling stage and the start-up of production. We are excited about the prospect of working with Mouser Electronics and addressing a wider audience for CML Microcircuits.”


A block diagram of CML's CMX901 RF power amplifier.

A block diagram of CML's CMX901 RF power amplifier. This and other CML components will be joining Mouser as part of their global distribution agreement. Image used courtesy of CML Microcircuits


CML Product Additions to Mouser Portfolio

CML brings to Mouser a product line-up that covers all areas of a wireless voice and data system design, including RF transceivers, analog front ends, baseband processing, and application-specific microcontrollers. 

CML Microcircuits’ CMX901 and CMX902 devices are three-stage wideband, high-gain, and high-efficiency RF power amplifier ICs. These are ideal for applications such as RF transmitters and data modules, on account of high power gain up to 40 dB and power efficiency of up to 60 percent. They are also suitable for use in IIoT Systems. 

Mouser is also stocking four series of CML’s receiver ICs, including the CMX994 direct conversion receiver. These include PowerTrade, which provides the ability to dynamically select power consumption versus performance modes to optimize operating trade-offs.