Nvidia, Qualcomm, and MediaTek Showcase AI Processors at Computex 2024

June 07, 2024 by Aaron Carman

Targeting devices ranging from laptops to smart TVs, the newest computing processors bring dedicated AI hardware to varied applications.

This week at Computex 2024, industry leaders, including Nvidia, Qualcomm, and MediaTek, presented their latest developments that support the show's “connecting AI” theme. 


Computex 2024

At Computex 2024, several presenters showed their latest advancements, many of which bring improved AI processing to small, low-power devices. Image used courtesy of Qualcomm

Many of these advancements stood out for their reported AI performance and potential to improve the machine-learning capabilities of consumer and handheld devices.


Nvidia’s RTX AI PCs

Up first, several groups have announced that their latest AI PCs use Nvidia RTX GPUs. Dedicated AI hardware and software, including AI models such as Windows Copilot, bring new potential to the next generation of PCs.


AI-enabled Windows PCs will soon be available

AI-enabled Windows PCs will soon be available. Image used courtesy of Nvidia

The new AI PCs use Nvidia RTX 4070 laptop card GPUs to provide versatile AI performance up to 321 TOPS. Nvidia’s Project G-Assistant also brings AI-enabled features to gaming and creative apps. Compatibility with new AMD Ryzen AI 300 series processors brings additional low-power, high-efficiency AI processing to next-gen laptops.


Snapdragon-Powered AI Laptops

Qualcomm also showcased AI-enabled PCs leveraging Qualcomm hardware. AI PCs using Snapdragon X series processors offer improved AI processing performance.


The Snapdragon X Elite series

The Snapdragon X Elite series offers designers improved power efficiency for low-power mobile devices. Image used courtesy of Qualcomm

The Snapdragon X series includes several key processing SoCs to enhance spatial and power efficiency. It accomplishes this by including bespoke processors for general, graphics, and AI processing tasks. Qualcomm claims to offer “unparalleled performance per watt,” something critical for low-power mobile devices. The first offerings are expected to be available starting June 18, 2024.


AI in Chromebooks and Smart TVs

Finally, MediaTek highlighted its newest offerings at Computex, targeting high-performance Chromebooks and smart TVs. In addition to Windows PCs, the applications for advanced AI models can extend to many different sectors, such as automotive, entertainment, and more. 


MediaTek’s Pentonic 800 SoC

MediaTek’s Pentonic 800 SoC brings dedicated AI processing to new applications, providing designers with the hardware necessary to support AI implementations in more devices. Image used courtesy of MediaTek


MediaTek’s announcement revealed both the Kompanio 838 Chromebook SoC and the Pentonic 800 display SoC. The Kompanio 838 includes the MediaTek NPU 650, improves AI efficiency for low-power and long-lasting mobile devices. In addition, the Pentonic 800 display SoC includes powerful processing and AI performance to bring AI image enhancement to modern displays.


Expanding AI Access

Modern AI paradigms rely heavily on centralized computing rather than edge or distributed processing. To improve AI accessibility for software integration and local usage, developers must devise new processing techniques and AI-enabled PCs. 

While the devices highlighted here from Nvidia, Qualcomm, and MediaTek are only a sample of those presented at Computex 2024, they all represent a wide-reaching trend toward increased AI access in modern computing.