Silicon Labs Saving IoT Energy

July 21, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

Silicon Labs releases a new version of their Simplicity Studio development platform that allows designers to pinpoint exactly where energy is being used.

Discovering how to maximize energy efficiency in the IoT just got easier, thanks to the newest Simplicity Studio.

One of the facets of the IoT that makes it so effective is its always-on aspect: of course, that's also the biggest cause of energy drainage. Simplicity Studio, by Silicon Labs, was released to help IoT much easier to design and implement, but the newest release also allows designers to pinpoint exactly where energy is being used. The latest update is unique to the embedded industry and, more specifically, to IoT systems.


“Today’s developers not only require ‘faster, smaller, cheaper’ silicon from their semiconductor suppliers, they also expect continuous enhancements in development ecosystems to help them reduce energy consumption and speed time to market,” said Daniel Cooley, VP of MCU and wireless products at Silicon Labs.

Utilizing the information derived from the Energy Profiler tool can help designers determine which activities are causing the most energy consumption and then modify designs to improve efficiency. 

It may not seem like a huge overhaul, and it isn't, but it is a feature that can seriously shorten time to market while maximizing battery life. Plus, it's free.  


Feature image used courtesy of Adobe