SnapEDA, the “Google for Electronic Components,” Launches Syndication Network

October 03, 2022 by Jake Hertz

With 10 million parts in SnapEDA's library, the electronic search site has simplified the design process even more with a syndication network.

Anyone who has designed a PCB from scratch knows the struggle of creating footprints and schematic symbols for new components. The process can be laborious and tedious, requiring reference data sheets to create the footprint line by line and pad by pad in an EDA tool.

This process is far from efficient and, in many ways, can be a hindrance to the design engineer who could be spending their time innovating instead of piecing together footprints and schematic symbols. Electronics search engine SnapEDA believes there is a better way, and this week the company announced the launch of its new Syndication Network to help solve this issue.


SnapEDA demonstration

SnapEDA allows engineers to download free symbols, footprints, and 3D models for millions of electronic components. Graphic used courtesy of SnapEDA


What is SnapEDA?

SnapEDA is an online platform that connects design engineers with premade footprints, schematic symbols, and 3D bodies for parts available on the market. As the so-called “Google for electronics,” SnapEDA provides engineers a place to search for a part and immediately find the content they need to begin a design.


An example of a SnapEDA parts page

An example of a SnapEDA parts page consisting of a schematic symbol and footprint files. Screenshot used courtesy of SnapEDA


Beyond just a search engine, SnapEDA offers some unique technologies, such as its patented verification technology that provides engineers insight into manufacturability, as well as its computer-vision symbol builder InstaBuild. To date, SnapEDA has over one million users per year, over 500,000 of which are registered professional engineers, and supports over 6.5 million parts in its database.


The SnapEDA Syndication Network

Now, SnapEDA is looking to expand its efforts with the launch of its SnapEDA Syndication Network

The Syndication Network is a new community of distribution partners that includes electronics component distributors, PCB toolmakers, and engineering media sites. With the network, SnapEDA hopes to connect electronic designers with more resources and tools directly from the distributors themselves, ensuring high reliability, quality, and breadth of coverage.


SnapEDA's Syndication Network

Visual of some of the participating companies in SnapEDA's Syndication Network. Image used courtesy of SnapEDA


Compatible with over 20 PCB design formats, the network's content includes PCB footprints, schematic symbols, and 3D mechanical models for millions of manufacturers’ parts. SnapEDA also offers plugins for Altium, KiCAD, Autodesk Eagle, and Sunstone's PCB123, allowing designers to auto-import CAD models. 

So far, SnapEDA claims there are 30 members of the syndicate, including some noteworthy groups like Digi-Key, Autodesk Fusion 360, Cadence, Mouser, and PCBWay.


Bringing the Sourcing Process Under One Roof

By bringing together electronic components distributors, PCB manufacturers, and PCB toolmakers, the SnapEDA syndicate consolidates many crucial aspects of the PCB design process into one platform. The participation of these major toolmakers, manufacturers, and distributors creates a simpler PCB design ecosystem while ensuring a high level of quality in the parts and models users download from their database.