TDK and Modelithics Collaborate on RF Component Modeling for EDA Tools

August 29, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

TDK joins a list of companies who provide test-based models for RF and mmWave components through Modelithics.

TDK joins a list of companies who provide test-based models for RF and mmWave components through Modelithics.

TDK Corporation has joined forces with Modelithics, Inc. through the Modelithics Vendor Program (MVP), joining companies like Murata, Coilcraft, AVX, and Würth Elektronik at the "Sponsoring MVP" level.

The purpose of the alliance for the two companies is to collaboratively develop and support the highest accuracy device simulation models for TDK components. 

Modelithics is a unique company that focuses on the measurement and modeling of RF and millimeter-wave devices. TDK, meanwhile, is a comprehensive component manufacturer that has a range of RF-focused products. 


Image from Modelithics Vendor MVP, Mini-Circuits

Modelithics Vendor Partners (MVP) 

The Modelithics Vendor Partner program provides partnering options for the development of simulation models for partner components. 


Sponsoring MVP. Image from Modelithics


The Sponsoring MVP program allows partners to sponsor free model licenses to that partner’s most valued customers through the Modolithics’ complimentary licensing program. Trials range from 30 days to one year’s use.

The electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools that are currently supported include:

  • Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office
  • Keysight Technologies’ Genesys
  • Sonnet
  • Cadence

Modelithics Models

Modelithics aims to answer the need for accurate RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in EDA tools. In addition to component models for inductors, the company also offers models for non-linear diodes, non-linear transistors and models and to enable full-wave EM simulations of components, connectors, and packages within ANSYS HFSS.

The company operates off of the belief that the availability of high-quality simulation models can streamline the design process. They encourage designers to use well-modeled components at the prototype stage in order to facilitate an efficient design process. 

Modelithics models are being used by industry leaders such as Boeing, Ericsson​, Honeywell, Motorola, Nokia-Siemens, and even defense contractors such as Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.

Simulated component models for nine of TDK’s RF inductor components are now available through Modelithics’ Microwave Global Models. Each model is highly scalable and represents a full series of parts, with all variations covered. The models feature substrate scaling, pad scaling as well as part value scaling.

TDK's RF Components

TDK uses a specialized multilayer manufacturing process to manufacture RF components including RF inductors, filters, diplexers, triplexers, baluns, and couplers. According to TDK documentation, these devices feature high inductance and high Q characteristics in small form factors. 

TDK’s wirewound technology employs high performing closed magnetic circuit with high permeability (μ) ferrite particles, enabling lower Rdc (DC resistance) values which, along with other benefits, reduce energy consumption. These components are designed to serve in the whole range of high-frequency applications, ranging from consumer electronics and mobile phones to automotive. 

Currently, the TDK library on Modelithics' website includes ceramic chip capacitors, such as the commercial-grace C series, as well as RF inductor components, both of which can be found here.


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