The December Kickstarter Hardware Roundup

December 25, 2016 by Chantelle Dubois

Here is a look at a few interesting December crowdfunding campaigns.

Here is a look at a few interesting December crowdfunding campaigns, featuring an affordable robotic arm, a versatile cube offering real-time data gathering for IoT applications, and a high-performance development board expanding possibilities in VR, image recognition, and server applications.

Dobot M1: Pro Robotic Arm for Makers and Businesses

Manufacturing quality robotic arms, while highly useful, tends to cost significantly more than what is realistic for a typical hobbyist. The Dobot M1 intends to change that with its highly versatile robotic arm.

Featuring a standardized head tool port and easy-to-use software, the Dobot M1 can increase the efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability of projects at home.



The campaign page demonstrates a variety of uses, including 3D printing, laser engraving, soldering, and sorting. It is also capable of working in tandem with other Dobot M1 arms, and can even be programmed to navigate with path-planning and built-in mapping capabilities. Some of other features of the Dobot M1 include:

  • 0.02mm precision
  • an operating speed of 200 degrees/second
  • a maximum reach of 400mm
  • capability of supporting tools up to 1.5kg

Visit the Dobot M1 campaign page here.

qBiq: The Internet of Everything Smart Gadget

The qBig is a straightforward, easy-to-use device meant to make implementing the Internet of Everything projects simpler. The cubic-inch device can connect via Wi-Fi or USB to deliver temperature, humidity, light intensity, and movement data and has a battery life of up to six months per charge.

Data can be accessed in real-time using an app available on iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows. Data is also available online via a unique website address which streams real time data. A QR code on the surface of cube provides quick access to the cube’s personalized URL.



qBiq’s data is also available through open source technology, enabling developers to use their creativity to build new apps that can integrate with the device.

The qBiq team also placed an emphasis on design. The device is aesthetically appealing and has a magnet which helps with placement. It is also intended to support future sensor add-ons.

To learn more about qBiq, visit their campaign page on Kickstarter.

Firefly-RK3399: Six-Core 64-Bit High-Performance Platform

The Firefly-RK3399 is a high-performance development board which can be used in a variety of complex applications including virtual reality, 3D imaging, and visual recognition.

The board features both the core Cortext-A72 and quad-core Cortext-A53 processors with server grade performance. This combination is said to increase performance by 50% and reduce power consumption by at least 15%.

The Firfly-RK3399 also has a Mali-T860 MP4 quad-core GPU and dual cameras which can operate simultaneously with support for gesture, depth, and 3-dimensional capturing.



Expansion interfaces include PCIe/mini-PCIe, SATA, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HSIC, SSIC, Audio, UIM, and a SIM card port. Display options include HDMI 2.0, DP1.2, MIPI-DSI, and eDP.

Furthermore, the Firefly-RK3399 supports both Android 6.0.1 and Ubuntu 16.04 operating systems.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

What’s on your crowdfunding wish list this holiday season?


Featured image used courtesy of Firefly.

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