STMicroelectronics announces the world's first automotive-qualified 2Mbit EEPROM.

It's easy to imagine, then, how useful this EEPROM is for use in cars, especially as autonomous automobiles are becoming a close reality. STMicroelectronics has just announced the world's first automotive-qualified 2Mbit EEPROM, which extends the management and parameter storage possibiltiies in complex cars. 


EEPROM--electrically erasable programmable read-only memory--is an ideal storage solution for data that must be saved when power is removed. It's especially useful in products that don't typically have dedicated memory storage, like clocks and potentiometers.

The EEPROM can help maximize power-conversion efficiency by monitoring fuel injection and air volume in tires among a host of other parameters that will make cars both greener and safer. The M95M02 EEPROM features a write cycle endurance of up to 4 million write cycles and can retain data for up to 100 years. With such a powerful EEPROM, the electronic control unit in the car can take advantage of extremely fine-grained monitoring of environmental parameters for maximum precision.

The new EEPROM is a powerful device in a tiny package and proves how far we've come in our ability to control, analyze, and record complex automotive data.


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