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AI or 5G? EdgeQ Asks, “Why Not Both?” While Building a Wireless Base Station-on-a-Chip

Episode #67 / 53:53 / June 27, 2023 by Daniel Bogdanoff

Adil Kidwai, VP and Head of Product Management at EdgeQ, discusses how they are aiming to redefine software-defined radios as they build what they believe is the world’s first base station-on-a-chip, using RISC-V to enable AI and 5G.

It all began with a love of mathematics. Adil Kidwai loved mathematics. That initially led him to a career focused on analog and RF design. After many years working on RF technology leading efforts in cellular communication, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Adil had a chance to move into the AI field.

When he started digging into AI, Kidwai had an epiphany. “I realized that AI borrowed a lot of concepts from information theory which were developed 50 years ago.” The mathematics of RF communication and artificial intelligence were basically identical: convolutions, matrix multiplication, nonlinear operations, and more.  

It was during this time that Kidwai met EdgeQ CEO and founder Vinay Ravuri for lunch, and it “just clicked.” Kidwai recalls that they were thinking exactly the same things about the relationships between AI and 5G. So, Kidwai joined EdgeQ, where they have developed an integrated circuit that leverages the customization capabilities of RISC-V to enable and optimize both AI and 5G.

EdgeQ’s software-defined base station-on-a-chip. Image used courtesy of EdgeQ


They believe that their “software-defined base station-on-a-chip” allows AI to complement 5G in some applications and 5G to complement AI in others. As Kidwai notes, “these two technologies support each other in the world that we are living in.” And, they already have their eye on 6G. 

In this Moore’s Lobby interview with our host Daniel Bogdanoff, Kidwai shares how different it was when moving from a behemoth like Intel to a startup. “You have to move like 100 mph on day one!…because it’s a question of existence all of a sudden.” 

Here are a few other highlights from this interview with Kidwai: 

  • Think your master’s thesis was difficult? Wait until you hear what Kidwai had to accomplish at UCLA. 
  • His reflections on spending several years in Munich working on Intel’s acquisition of Infineon’s wireless group. He even has some recommendations for people considering moving abroad.
  • The surprising changes in the wireless world Kidwai has seen in his decades working in the industry.

There is much more, so go listen for yourself! Please tell us what you think in the comments. We would also love to hear your recommendations for the companies and people you would like to hear from in future episodes of Moore’s Lobby.


Meet Adil Kidwai

Adil has 20+ years of leadership experience developing core wireless technologies such as 4G/5G, WiFi, WiMAX, and Bluetooth. He is currently the Vice President and Head of Product Management at EdgeQ where they are developing software-defined basestation-on-a-chip technology. 

Before joining EdgeQ, Adil was the Director of Engineering for AI/ML with application to L4/L5 autonomous driving and data center inference. In earlier positions at Intel, he worked on 4G/5G modems and wireless communications for smartphones and PCs. 



Adil received his Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. His first job in technology was as a design engineer at Motorola, working in analog and RF for cellular applications.  

He then received an MSEE from UCLA, where he studied analog and RF design. Adil also has an MBA from UC Berkeley.