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Ep. 14 | Leveraging 5G, AI, and Heterogeneous Computing for Autonomous Robotics

Episode #14 / 51:46 / December 03, 2020 by Dave Finch
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In this Industry Tech Days Keynote, Dave speaks with Dev Singh, the Head of Autonomous Robotics, Drones and Intelligent Machines at Qualcomm about the future of autonomous robotics.

In this 2020 Industry Tech Days Keynote, Dave interviews Dev Singh on the autonomous robotics that are shaping the next generation of industries across automated manufacturing, medical applications, and even our exploration of space. You'll hear them delve into three technologies that are key to overcoming the challenges facing autonomous robotics and how engineers are advancing beyond them. This keynote session was followed by a live Q&A with the audience at the time of recording.


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About Dev Singh



Dev Singh serves as Senior Director of Business Development and Head of Autonomous Robotics, Drones and Intelligent Machines at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Dev is responsible for leading and managing the robotics and intelligent machines in the IoT business unit where he focuses on strategy, business development, R&D investments and execution for accelerating net revenue growth while optimizing operating cost. Prior to this role, he led the execution of multimedia IP development across Snapdragon application processor platforms for mobile, IoT, and automotive segments.

He began his career at Texas Instruments and served in various engineering and leadership roles for execution, operations, product management, and new product development across TI’s foundry and analog products business units for over 10 years.

Dev holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.