HD110 Multimeter

Beckman Industrial - HD110

This 3_-digit 2000 count manual-ranging heavy-duty multimeter is an interesting example of mid-80s technology. With an impressive safety-yellow thick sturdy o-ring and gasket-sealed case, it looks like it could survive a drop test with the only damages being to the floor it lands on. Ironically, the most serious damage to be repaired was not electronic, but a broken internal screw post, perhaps due to age and over-tightening.

  • Max Current (A): 2 (AC), 2 (DC)
  • Max Voltage (V): 0.0015 (AC), 0.0015 (DC)
  • Max Resistance (Ω): 20 (AC)
  • Capacitance Measurement: None
  • Temperature Measurement: None
  • Frequency Measurement: None
  • Transistor Test: None
  • Continuity: Yes