OSA-155 Spectrum Analyzer

JDSU - OSA-155

Wandel & Goltermancterna OSA155 DWDM System Analyzer. The OSA-155 DWDM System Analyzer is a field-ready optical spectrum analyzer offering measurements of wavelength, power and optical SNR on the different carriers of multiwavelength signals in the range 1500 to 1620 nm with up to 50 GHz/ 0.4 nm spacing. With a maximum channel power of +15 dBm, up to 32 channels can be measured and displayed in a WDM table list. More than 32 channels (up to 256) can be measured simultaneously with reduced channel power. In the extended wavelength range 1450 to 1650 nm, measurements of the optical supervisory channels (OSC) are possible.

  • Frequency: 182000000 to 206000000 MHz