OSA-110M Spectrum Analyzer

JDSU - OSA-110 series

Compact full band optical spectrum analyzers for CWDM and DWDM systems. The OSA-110M and OSA-110H are a Compact full band OSA for field installation, turn up and maintenance of CDWDM and DWDM systems. Benefits: optimize mobility with an OSA thats 25 percent smaller and 17 percent lighter than its nearest competitor; reduce CapEx by using one OSA for all xWDM applications; increase productivity by equipping more field technicians with a low-cost, full-featured, fast OSA (one second per scan in C-Band); minimize training with an easy, consistent graphical interface on a large, high-visibility color touchscreen; leverage investments with an OSA thats fully compatible with the industry-leading T-BERD/MTS 6000/6000A/8000 platforms. Applications: upgrade and deployment of xWDM metro core and access networks; CWDM + DWDM testing in Metro Access, CATV, mobile backhaul and LTE; Colored / WDM-PON (FTTx) testing; Upgrade to high speed 40G/100G network-interfaces

  • Frequency: 0.000002 to 0.000002 MHz