SDG830 Waveform Generator

Siglent - SDG800 Series

SDG800 Series Functiorbitrary Waveform Generator is equipped with maximum output frequency of 5 MHZ, 10 MHZ, 30 MHZ, and 125 MSa/s sampling rate. With the new innovated EasyPulse technology, SDG800 can generate pulse of low jitter, quick rising/falling edge regardless of frequency effect, while the duty cycle, edge and pulse width could be widely and accurately adjusted. SDG800 is much superior in performance to similar DDS signal generator. SDG800 Series Functiorbitrary Waveform Generators adopt the direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, which can provide stable, high-precision, pure and low distortion signals. Its combination of excellent system features, easiness in usage and versatile functions makes this generator a perfect solution for your job now and in the future.

  • Frequency: 1 µHz to 30 MHz
  • Channels: 1
  • Form Factor: Benchtop