SG386 (N-type output) Waveform Generator

SRS - SG380 Series

The SG380 Series RF Signal Generators use a unique, innovative architecture (Rational Approximation Frequency Synthesis) to deliver ultra-high frequency resolution (1 Hz), excellent phase noise, and versatile modulation capabilities (AM, FM, M, pulse modulation and sweeps) at a fraction of the cost of competing designs. The standard models produce sine waves from DC to 2.025 GHz (SG382), 4.05 GHz (SG384) and 6.075 GHz (SG386).

Frequency: 950,000,000 µHz to 6.075 GHz

Channels: 5

Form Factor: Benchtop

User Manual Datasheet
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Frequency: 0.0000 MHz to 0.0002 GHz

Channels: 1

Form Factor: Benchtop

SRS SG384 (w/ Opt. 2)

Frequency: 4,050 MHz to 8.1 GHz

Channels: 5

Form Factor: Benchtop


Frequency: 0.00095 MHz to 6.075 GHz

Channels: 2

Form Factor: Benchtop