Eric Boere Eric Boere was born in Zaandam, The Netherlands, in 1963. He received a B.S in Electrical Engineering from The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 1987. Since then, he has worked in various technical and commercial roles, being involved with subjects as diverse as microcontroller circuitry, explosion proof electronic equipment, GSM and GPS modules, electrical terminal technology and industrial ethernet. Since 2006 Eric has been a Field Application Engineer for Apex Microtechnology, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona USA. He supports customers with the application of power operational and PWM amplifiers, as well as works on new concepts to make these function more efficiently. Eric is married, has two children (and a dog) and currently lives in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands.

Driving Piezoelectric Actuators with Linear Amplifiers

In partnership with Apex Microtechnology


The piezoelectric effect was discovered by French scientists in 1880. The effect comprises the generation of electricity when force is applied to a crystalline material. The reverse effect happens when the crystalline material is put in an electric field; it changes form.

 The latter has found its way in many useful applications, such as sonar, industrial inkjet printing, gas igniters, high-precision movement, ultrasonic imaging, clock generation, non-magnetic motors, fuel injection nozzles, etc.

 Because the crystalline material can be a ceramic composite that starts as a liquid, many modern piezoelectric transducers can be made in any shape. Other advantages are insensitivity to magnetic fields, applicability in vacuums and at cryogenic temperatures, low maintenance, relative compact size, etc. In this webinar, the speaker will provide information relating to the precise electronic drive of piezoelectric actuators. The attendee can expect to learn:

  •  How to produce either an accurate force or an accurate displacement with the actuator through voltage and current drive.
  • Several ways to mitigate design challenges with piezoelectric actuators, such as the destabilization of the driving amplifier and added internal power dissipation.
  • Which counter-measures to take to protect the driving amplifier when a piezoelectric actuator becomes a generator.

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