vSPI - Verilog Implementation of SPI Slave

vSPI - Verilog Implementation of SPI Slave


Category: Communication Controller

Created: March 22, 2012

Updated: January 27, 2020

Language: Verilog

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Development Status: Stable

Additional info: Design done, FPGA proven

WishBone compliant: No

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License: Others


=== What's "vSPI"? ===

vSPI is a Verilog implementation of an SPI slave. Think of it as a very fast serial port. It can reliably transfer data at 27.9 mbps on an Atlys FPGA devkit (a Spartan-6 with a 100 MHz system clock).

You can use it to send data between your FPGA/ASIC project and other devices, such as a desktop computer I'm using it to send data between a self-flying RC-helicopter and my PC. If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to see live video from the helicopter's camera on my PC. I'll also be able to inject test data and make sure my logic works with known test vectors.

=== What's included? ===

So far, vSPI consists of three parts:

- spiifc: The minimal logic that implements the SPI slave. spiifc takes the usual four SPI lines (MOSI, MISO, SS, SCLK) and has interfaces for input and output buffer memories as well as a register bank (more on what they do is below). If you work directly with spiifc, you'll need to figure out how to get this stuff to interface with the rest of your project. This is a good place to start if you have a project without a system bus or a non-PLB bus.

- PLB interface: vSPI includes also includes a PLB interface if desired. PLB is one of the system bus protocols supported by the Microblaze processor provided in Xilinx's EDK (sometimes known as XPS). I may also add support for one of ARM's AMBA bus protocols later (AXI, etc.), but there is zero support for thst right now.

- spilib python library: spilib is a python library that is used on your PC to make talking with spiifc easier. It is currently built on TotalPhase's Cheetah SPI USB/SPI adapter API. It makes interactions between a PC (master) and spiifc (slave) simple.

The full documentation is available in the Downloads section or directly using this link: http://opencores.orgusercontent,doc,1332776443

=== Development Notice ===

Day-to-day development is managed on github at http://github.com/mjlyonsvspi. If you would like cutting edge updates or would like to contribute, please use github.

This opencores project will be updated after the completion of any stable releases. If you just want to use stable releases, feel free to use the opencores project. You won't miss out on anything.

=== License ===

If you use vSPI, whether for free or commercial purposes, I only ask that you let me know so that I can publicly keep track of who is using it. I don't care if you use it as is or modify it, so long as it isn't used in technologies to physically hurt or kill anyone (missile guidance systems, etc.).

If you want to use vSPI for any reason but wish to do so without publicly stating so, we can work out an alternative licensing agreement.

The vSPI project retains all ownership of code published here. Meaning, don't take the code, claim ownership, and then somehow sue the vSPI project.

=== Contact Info ===

You can reach me at buzz.vspi@clearhive.com.