WB Interface for TI 5x DSP (WB2HPI)

WB Interface for TI 5x DSP (WB2HPI)


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Created: December 02, 2002

Updated: January 27, 2020

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WB Interface for TI 5x DSP (HPI) developed for use with Opencores PCI Bridge.


1. Direct access to DSP Control Registers
2. Block transfer from DSP address space to WB address space
3. Block transfer from WB address space to DSP address space
4. Interrupt support (both are maskable)
- interrupt after block transfer; and
- interrupt from DSP.
5. Maped DSP address space to WB address space.


- Core is finished, testing some parts at the moment
- Writing documentation
- Test bench for PCI card, with hex editor for DSP memory, was written (Win Platform). It will be available with core.
- Screenshots of software are available. Adopting (Win) driver to be flexible as much as possible at the moment.
- Source uploaded
- Works (real hw) with new Opencores PCI core.
- Updated to work with new Opencores PCI files (again)