Video Controller Starter Kit

Video Controller Starter Kit


Category: Video Controller

Created: November 21, 2006

Updated: January 27, 2020

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Development Status: Beta

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This kit is meant for people which want to start developing on fpgas but don't want to spent too much money on tooling and jtag debuggers.

this kit will contain a small fpga (altera Cyclone II) and an AVR (atmega64) microprocessor with dataflash for programming the fpga through the serial or USB connection.

as peripherals for the fpga there are a video encoder and decoder on board, to connect the kit between a DVD player and a TV through composite I/O.

simple video filters can be tested on the kit, and as the AVR can use the fpga as external memory, it's also possible to control filters real time, or make stuff like an "ambilight" look-a-like. ( see new generation Philips LCD TVs )

Within this project I will show how far the kit is developed, and hope that other developers will help with making the first I/O blocks to help the real starters.


- SD video in (composite)
- SD video out (composite)
- RS232 for programming and control
- USB for control
- All other pins are available on I/O connectors



- working on the board design
- selecting the exact components for the peripherals

FILE: fpga_starter_kit_overview.pdf

FILE: fpga_starter_kit_overview.pdf
DESCRIPTION: block overview