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Infineon OptiMOS™7 40V | Fast Facts

May 21, 2024 by Infineon Technologies

Leading edge MOSFET Technology for Tomorrow’s Automotive Applications



Infineon’s OptiMOS™7 40V

Lowest RDS(on) in the Industry

Superior performance with highest power density and energy efficiency

Market-leading 12-inch in-house production

Excellent choice for all automotive applications


Here's why:

25% reduction in RDS(on) compared to the predecessor OptiMOS 6 40V technology

Outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity

Ruggedness improvement and a stronger avalanche capability

Silicon technology enhancements enable faster switching and a reduction of switching losses


Improvements over the Competition

  • Market-leading RDS(on) performance among trench technologies
  • Highest current capability in standard leadless packages
  • Lowest switching and conduction power losses
  • Most innovative package variety to meet all application needs


Growing Ecosystem and Industry Momentum

MOSFET growth is driven by vehicle electrification

Industry momentum comes from CO2 reduction, advanced safety and comfort features

For more information, Infineon Technologies.


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