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Littelfuse Hard Wired Power Distribution Modules (PDM) | Tech Specs

July 19, 2021 by TTI, Inc

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Littelfuse Hard Wired Power Distribution Modules (PDM)

Littelfuse’s hardwired power distribution modules (PDM) for vehicles or commercial equipment consolidate the components needed for accessory and overflow circuits in one location. The power distribution modules include the HWB series and HWA series modules that are equipped with best-in-class IP67 and IP69K waterproof and dust-tight sealings that also protect the sensitive internal components from corrosion and salt spray. The HWB family is compatible with MINI® fuses that offer a wide range of protection from 2A up to 30A, while the HWA modules are compatible with 40A rated ATO® fuses, making the HWB and HWA family an excellent choice for custom or low volume circuit protection designs.

  • Littelfuse Hard-Wired Power Distribution Modules (PDM)
    • IP67/IP69K
    • AssureLatchTM positive-sealing latches
  • Range of sizes
    • HWB6 (6 cavities),HWB12 (12 cavities), HWB18 (18 cavities), HWB60-AL (60 cavities), HWA20 (20 cavities)
    • Can accommodate 3 to 30 mini plug-in circuit protection components
  • HWB compatible with  2A to 30A MINI® fuses
  • HWA compatible with  40A ATO® fuses

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