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Microchip PIC-IoT WA Dev Board | Featured Product Spotlight

May 21, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Microchip PIC-IoT WA Dev Board 

Microchip’s PIC-IoT WA Development board is a simple and secure platform for developing cloud-connected sensors, actuators, and other devices using Amazon’s AWS Cloud Platform. 

The development board features hardware devices that make it smart, connected, and secure. At the core is a 16-bit PIC24F eXtreme Low Power MCU. With 128KB of Flash and 16KB of SRAM, it’s designed for complex, battery-operated IoT applications. The development board gets connectivity from the ATWINC1510, which is a fully certified 2.4GHz network controller that offloads all network tasks from the MCU and provides a secure connection to cloud services. The board also features an ATECC608A secure element, a hardware-based cryptographic co-processor with secure key storage and cryptographic countermeasures that ensures data is secured from the board to the cloud platform. There’s also onboard light and temperature sensors, an MCP73871 battery charger, and a mikroBUS connector for hardware expansion. 

Microchip’s PIC-IoT WA Development Board makes it easy to start working with a cloud-connected device. It’s pre-provisioned using the Microchip Trust Platform, providing immediate connectivity to an AWS sandbox account. In 30 seconds, developers can go from out of the box to viewing real-time data in the cloud, and the board can easily be disconnected from the sandbox account for use with a private account. 

Development is supported by the MPLAB X IDE with example source code available on the Microchip PIC® and AVR® Solutions GitHub channel. Developers can also leverage MPLAB Code Configurator to generate production-ready functions and peripheral configuration code for rapid prototyping and development. Microchip also offers the AVR-IoT WA development board, which replaces the PIC MCU with an ATmega4808 AVR MCU. 

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