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Analog Devices µModule Power Products | Featured Product Spotlight

March 13, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

Analog Devices µModule Regulators are system-in-package power management solutions.

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Analog Devices µModule Power Products

Analog Devices µModule Regulators are system-in-package power management solutions. They are highly efficient and reliable, and they provide a known-good power conversion solution that reduces board space, design time, and verification time. There are 15 families, 100 products, and 30 package options, so there is something to address almost any power conversion need.

A typical switching regulator has a controller, IC, power transistors, input and output capacitors, and an inductor. Each of these requires time to be spent on the component selection, layout, and verification. And there are potential problems, such as EMI, that are only discovered late in the design stage, and fixing these can require additional board spins, which incurs additional time and cost

µModule regulators, on the other hand, integrate almost everything in an LGA or a BGA package. In selecting a µModule regulator, you get a known good solution that has already been thoroughly tested and verified and has been highly optimized by power conversion experts to deliver high efficiency and high reliability in a compact footprint.

µModules typically require only a few external passives to complete the design, and these are well-defined in the datasheet to ease component selection. These passives are used for things like setting the output voltage or tuning compensation.

There are also options for integrating additional capabilities, such as multiple outputs and filtering, which further reduce the total PCB area. The integration and low external component count simplifies layout and lowers total cost. And every µModule regulator has Gerber files available to support design work. 

Now, across the 15 families, you have support for isolated, buck, buck-boost, battery charger, and LED driver functions. And there are regulators with low noise, inverted outputs, low EMI, current limiting, sync capability, current sharing, multiple outputs, wide operating temperature range, precision remote sense, output sequencing, voltage margining, BGA package options, and pin compatible families for easy scalability.

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