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Analog Devices LTM46xx µModule Regulators | Featured Product Spotlight

October 23, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

Analog Devices LTM4600 family of µModule regulators consists of compact, highly integrated buck, boost, and buck-boost regulators in BGA and LGA package.

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Analog Devices LTM4600 µModule Regulators

Analog Devices LTM4600 family of µModule regulators consists of compact, highly-integrated buck, boost, and buck-boost regulators in BGA and LGA package. The LTM4600 family helps designers reduce the time and board space spent on the power solution.

The regulators integrate a controller, power switches, magnetics, compensation circuitry, diodes, capacitors, and resistors in one package. This helps to save designers the time spent on component selection, layout, and verification, and the high level of integration leads to a smaller total design footprint than is possible with discrete designs. Integrating these components also reduces the number of potential failure points, leading to increased reliability.

The LTM4600 family of µModule regulators is available in LGA and BGA packages, including an ultrathin 1.82mm package that allows for placement on the backside of the PCB or adjacent to an FPGA or ASIC where the regulator can share the same heatsink or other thermal solutions. There are also µModule regulators in the family with an integrated heatsink for improved thermal performance and higher power density.

The LTM4600 family offers these benefits across a broad range of µModule regulators. Buck, boost, and buck-boost regulators are available, with output current up to 50A per µModule. For larger loads, parallelable and synchronizable µModule regulators are offered in the family. There are also regulators that use Digital Power System Management with I2C, PMBus, and SMBus interfaces to configure output sequencing, trimming, and margining, with fast reaction to faults as well as logging and reporting functionality. 

Low-EMI options integrate filters to comply with CISPR 22 Class B and CISPR 25 Class 5 requirements, and Tune-a-µModule regulators provide access to the internal compensation network to optimize the regulator for high output accuracy, fast transient response, or minimal output capacitance. 

Regulators are available with up to 4 outputs with support for current sharing and individual output enable and disable. To learn more about the Analog Devices’ LTM46xx family of µModule regulators, visit

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