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Linear Technology / Analog Devices µModule Regulators | Featured Product Spotlight

July 11, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These are ideal for use in servers and cloud computing, high-performance computing, and more.

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Linear Technology / Analog Devices µModule Regulators 

Analog Device’s LTM4700 µModule® Regulators with PMBus I2C digital interface are high efficiency, 100A step-down power modules with an innovative package design that improves thermal management and reduces the solution size. They’re ideal for use in servers and cloud computing, high-performance computing, optical networking, communications infrastructure, and more.

The LTM4700 µModule integrates power MOSFETs, inductors, current sensing, and other circuitry in a 15mm×22mm×7.87mm BGA Package. The regulators require minimal external capacitors and resistors to complete the design and are nearly half the size of competing devices. Inductors place on top of the package and act as a heatsink for the FETs, enabling efficient force air or cold plate cooling. The modules can deliver the full 100A output at 1V from a 12V input at ambient temperatures up to 70°C with just 200LFM of airflow.

The LTM4700 has a wide 4.5V to 16V input and provides dual 50A outputs or a single 100A output, with a digitally adjustable current limit. The output voltage is also digitally controlled and can be set from 0.5V to 1.8V with a ±0.5% maximum DC output error and approximately 90% efficiency from 12VIN to 1VOUT at 100A.

Designers can also use the LTM4700 in parallel to drive larger loads. Evaluation boards offer up to 4 regulators in parallel to deliver up to 400A of output current, with even larger currents possible using additional modules.

The modules integrate amplifiers, temperature sensors, and a 16-bit delta-sigma ADC to provide telemetry data, including input and output voltages and currents. Temperature sensors are used to report module temperature and for thermal protection.

Internal EEPROM with ECC stores fault logs and configuration settings, and the PMBus interface can read data and configure parameters, such as output voltage, time- or voltage-based sequencing, and margining. The modules also support soft-start and soft-stop and have configurable fault handling.

For more information on the performance and innovative package technology of Analog Devices’ LTM4700 µModule regulators and start development with the associated demo boards, visit

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