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Omron E2E Next Series Proximity Sensors | Tech Specs

October 17, 2019 by TTI, Inc

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Omron E2E Next Series Proximity Sensors

Omron’s E2E NEXT Series proximity sensors deliver up to 4 times the sensing distance of a standard M12 sensor. 

The longer sensing range lets you place the sensor farther from the target to reduce the risk of damage, provides more detection margin to tolerate motion such as vibration, or get the same distance from a smaller sensor for increased mounting flexibility. 

The sensors also have an output indicator visible from 360° for fast and easy detection validation to minimize maintenance downtime. DC 2-wire and DC 3-wire sensors are available with NPN or PNP outputs and optional shielding, while the IO-Link interface option improves monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

Sensors are offered with various connection options, a splatter resistant coating, and protection up to IP69K.

  • Up to 4x the sensing range of standard M12 sensors
  • Reduced risk of impact and greater detection margin
  • Smaller sensor provides increased mounting flexibility
  • 360° visible output indicator for fast detection verification
  • DC 2-wire and DC 3-wire versions with NPN or PNP outputs
  • Available IO-Link interface improves monitoring and predictive maintenance

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