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Omron Electronics 2JCIE-BL01-P1 Sensor Development Kit

Omron Electronics 2JCIE-BL01-P1 sensor development kit combines sensors, wireless connectivity, and onboard memory for environmental monitoring in smart homes, offices, and many other environments.  The kit has sensors for temperature, humidity, light, UV exposure, barometric pressure, and sound noise, and a Bluetooth® 4.2 SoC for communication, all on a 24mm x 27.2mm PCB.  Onboard memory allows for offline data logging and prevents data loss during connection interruptions, with enough memory to store approximately 26,000 measurements or about 3 months of data at 5 minute intervals.  The kit operates from a 3V supply and includes a footprint for a coin cell battery holder, with up to 6 months of operation from a single CR2032 battery.

  • Sensors: temperature, humidity, light, UV, barometric pressure, sound noise
  • Interface: Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.2)
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 27.2mm x 3mm
  • Built-in memory to store ~26k measurements
  • Power supply: 3VDC, includes footprint for CR2032 battery holder
  • ~6 months of operation from CR2032 battery

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