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Renesas Electronics 24V Motor Control Evaluation System

Renesas Electronics 24V Motor Control Evaluation System supports the evaluation of the RX23T motor control MCU. The system includes an RX23T CPU card and a permanent magnet synchronous motor, both of which plug into a 24V inverter board. The RX23T is a motor control MCU based on a 40MHz RXv2 core with an FPU and a 2-channel PWM with three-phase complementary output for inverter control. The kit is supported by the Renesas Motor Workbench software, which allows designers to easily evaluate motor performance. The kit measures all three phase currents individually, has overcurrent and overvoltage detection circuits, and the CPU card offers substantial connectivity options for external sensors or adding other hardware.

  • Kit contents: RX23T CPU card, 24V inverter board, TG-55L-KA motor
  • RX23T: 40MHz RXv2-based motor control MCU
  • Supported by Renesas Motor Workbench software
  • Three-shunt current detection function
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage detection circuits
  • Hall sensor, encoder, 3x SCI communication connectors

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