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Rohde & Schwarz Vector Signal Generator | Tech Explainer

July 12, 2022 by Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz Vector Signal Generator

Due to the rapid and constant developments of technology, signal generation standards for production testing are also quickly changing. They must meet emerging and evolving test standards for compliance and quality in various industries such as IoT, cellular, broadcast, and many more.

The Rohde and Schwarz SMCV100B is a full software-defined vector signal generator that is perfect for production line testing.

With just the initial purchase of the base unit, memory, bandwidth, frequency range and output power level can be upgraded and unlocked via software keycodes.

Most importantly, this same software concept applies to signal generation standards. The standards and upgrades are available with either temporary or permanent licenses, depending on your requirements.

They unlock instantly, granting you ultimate flexibility to support the Broadcast, Cellular, Navigation, Wireless, and Automotive industries.

This modern and innovative software concept for signal generation saves you cost and space by letting you access multiple test standards with just a single instrument. Through the software upgrades, the instrument also remains future proof—ready to meet new and developing standards.

The SMCV100B is compact, lightweight, and silent.

Equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen, quick-access menus, and customizable buttons, the instrument is easy to use.

It comes with modern connectivity and interfaces for communication, automation, and external display.

The SMCV100B is more than just a standalone “box”. Multiple units can be combined into an automated test system, all powered by the RFSpark AI automation software, providing you with the scalability you need to adapt to new market needs.

They support automated compliance testing for many standards including the Radio Equipment Directive on TV and Radio devices, and all prevailing broadcasting standards.

These automated test systems dramatically reduce test costs, eliminate the need for human intervention, and are proven to shorten testing time by up to 75 percent.

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