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TAIYO YUDEN Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors | Tech Explainer

May 03, 2022 by TAIYO YUDEN

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What if you could combine the best features of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the best features from polymer capacitors?

Taiyo Yuden has accomplished that goal with their line of hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Conventional multi-layer ceramic capacitors have dominated the industry due to their small footprint, low-profile, and low equivalent series resistance. However, it is difficult to achieve a high capacitance value and high maximum rated voltage with MLCCs.

Electrolytic capacitors are typically employed when large capacitance values and high maximum voltage rating are required.  Unfortunately, these components exhibit high ESR and low ripple current ratings at low temperatures.

They can be optimized for ESR, ripple current, leakage current, and voltage rating, depending upon the type of anode and electrolyte employed. 

The aluminum electrolytic capacitor, for instance, provides a high voltage rating and low leakage current while the polymer capacitor exhibits a low ESR, stability over temperature,  and a high ripple current rating.  

Taiyo Yuden’s hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors combine the features of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors and polymer capacitor to create a capacitor with low leakage current, low ESR, and high ripple current, and that operates at extended temperatures with a long operational life.

These capacitors feature an aluminum oxide dielectric, aluminum foil anode and cathode, with a liquid and conductive polymer solution for the electrolyte.

The result is greatly improved ESR performance over temperature and frequency when compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors and a minimal leakage current change after reflow soldering when compared to polymer capacitors. All of which ensure the hybrid capacitor’s manufacturability and field performance. 

The temperature performance and reliability of Taiyo Yuden hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are ensured through its AEC-Q200 qualification, making these components ideal in various industrial and automotive subsystems such as powertrain, safety systems, infotainment, body, and chassis systems.  

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